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Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

North Spas

North Spas

Although we provide full chemical training, it can be a lot to take in and when our customers identify water problems, it is often during the evening when our offices are closed. Desperate to enjoy their hot tub, we found customers would Google issues resulting in poor and confusing advice. 

In reality, we are responsive to queries outside of trading hours on Facebook Messenger and email, and we wanted to find a fun, interactive way of letting customer know that it’s ok to have an issue and we are the experts that can help. 

We did this by introducing ‘Spa-Agony Aunt’, mirroring the format of advice columnists and problem pages in newspapers / magazines. We select a water chemistry problem or hot tub issue, and post it on our Facebook page, along with a light-hearted reply from Spa-Agony Aunt. 

We receive questions for our Spa-Agony Aunt every week and the questions can be anything from filter cycle settings to how to keep a neighbour’s cat off the spa cover! The posts perform well on Facebook reaching between 1,500-2,900 people and average 82 post clicks. 

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