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Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

Arron Bullock - Blue Cube Pools

Arron Bullock - Blue Cube Pools

Arron has shown an outstanding work ethic over the past year, developing his skills and knowledge to best of his ability. His determination and wonderful customer service has been greatly appreciated not only by our company but by the customers themselves who have taken time to leave reviews and vocalise their happiness with his work. He has become our go to engineer when the head engineer is unavailable and has shown great aptitude in creative problem solving and design ideas. 

Although Arron has struggled academically his determination and practical hard work has greatly developed his industry knowledge and enabled him to communicate and understand extremely technical information. 

His outstanding qualities include determination, creative design ideas, hardworking, trustworthy and a wonderful ability to create long standing relationships with customers. Arron's pool technician skills are continually developing and his drive to learn and improve his skills are a wonderful asset to our family run business.

Although he receives recognition for his work through the business we feel that Arron is an asset to the pool industry as young engineers who have his work ethic are hard to find and we would like him to be recognised for his passion and determination to better himself in the industry.

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