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December, 2018

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

Blue Whale Spa - Laguna X Spark

Blue Whale Spa - Laguna X Spark

The Laguna X Spark 6 person spa designed is made to work with your body’s natural structure to provide maximum comfort and functionality. The ergonomic seats of the Laguna X Spark support your body and remove the stress from muscles and joints so that your body relaxes in the healing water.

It also has three high power jet pumps and one dedicated circulation pump all designed exclusively for Blue Whale Spa. You can easily control which seats the water flows to with the touch of a button. The pumps are carefully designed to provide maximum power and efficiency for the number, size and function of the jets it serves. This design enables The Laguna X Spark to use less energy, run cheaper, and give a better massage power from the jets, so that you can enjoy a better massage experience.

The waterproof and virtually maintenance free skirting of the Laguna X Spark is made from 10 mm thick plastic and is in a beautiful contemporary dark grey shade, that will harmonise with any setting – indoor or out. 

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