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Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

UK Leisure Living

UK Leisure Living

We attract customers from North Wales and Cheshire to our showrooms. Our customers vary massively and I feel that is down to the huge range we offer. We deal with high net worth customers as well as those struggling on the bread line where a hot tub has been saved up for, for years. Our ability to work with clients of all types makes us a great choice to buy a spa from. All our customers get the same great service. 

Our showroom was doubled in size August 2017 and this has played a huge role in the success of the business. We advertise our showroom as one of the Uk’s largest with the shear number of spas on display (16) Our showroom is our core selling tool and we are constantly adding stock and improving things for the best customer experience possible. All our marketing is geared towards “come to the showroom” its is a hot tub buyers heaven!

In August 2017 we added Hot Springs to our range of hot tubs and now feel we have one of the best offerings anywhere in the UK for quality, choice and price. In 2018 our biggest seller has been the aspen range from Elite Spas. This year we will sell 175+ of those, making us in the running to be Elite Spas biggest dealer. Our river range from rotospa gives us a great value range to offer our clients. The Aspen range is a brilliant value mid range spa and the Hot Springs Range allows us to sell high value spas to the client who wants something special. All 3 play a major part in the success of the business as we literally have something for every budget. 

Quality, service and professionalism is at the core of our business at all times. Everything listed above is what makes us different from any other business but it is our unusual marketing techniques and our impeccable service from initial visit to installation too. Every step of the way we set out to exceed our customers expectations. We are not afraid to be different and don’t follow the crowd. Because we have come from a different market, we can bring new and exciting marketing initiatives to entice people to our showroom.

One of the big things that sets us apart is choice. We have 30 plus spas to choose from starting from £2750. Something for all budgets and customers don’t need to go elsewhere as we have the choice under one roof. We are trend setters and many other companies are copying our marketing initiatives. 

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