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December, 2018

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

Blue Whale Spa

Blue Whale Spa


Our showroom showcases 35-40 different hot tubs at any one time. There are two 4m swim spas in the showroom as well. It also has four televisions on the wall and play all the promotional films of Blue Whale Spa tubs. There are some decorations in the showroom as well, for example: tropical trees, sofa, candles, wine glasses etc. Customers will feel cozy, comfortable and relaxed. 

The most popular products, new products and products on sale are always located in the front and middle. Two swim spas are in the middle near the side wall, therefore, people could try the swim spas while not disturbing other visitors.

We update our showroom at least once in a month. Every month we have different promotion and the promotion tubs need to be in there. 

Naturally our showroom plays a big part in our success story. This summer we moved to a huge 26,000 sq. ft. showroom and office in Nottingham, which was a huge investment, but one which we were comfortable with. This being because we received feedback from our customers stating that they wanted to be able to see and try out our hot tubs before they committed to purchasing one.

The location of the showroom is ideal, it is easy to navigate to from every direction, being in the middle of the country. The premises has over 100 parking places available.

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