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December, 2018

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

Homewood Leisure

Homewood Leisure

Broad Oak, Brede.

Visitors: 30 visitors a week

Our showroom is a massive part of what we do as customers can see our hot tubs, pool and saunas on display which encourages them to buy.

Inside we have:

  • 7 Hot Tubs
  • 1 Sauna
  • Chemicals
  • Accessories
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • Swimming Pool Pumps, Heat Pumps, Robot Cleaner

Outside displays:

  • Wooden Exercise Pool
  • Barrel Sauna
  • Holiday Let Hot Tub
  • BBQ Hut

Customer events:

  • Hot Tub Master Class
  • Swimming Pool Master Class
  • Open Days

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