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December, 2018

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

North Spas

North Spas

Airport Industrial Estate, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Opening our Kingston Park showroom was a strategic decision to position North Spas firmly in the swim spa market. Our other showroom does not have the capacity to display swim spas, and since opening, we have sold 12 swim spas, so we count this as a great success! Whilst we have always delivered a ‘base to bubbles’ experience in that we are able to project manage, complete electrics, decking, gazebos, and garden bars, we wanted the opportunity to show case our work. Our Kingston Park showroom allows us to do this, so that customers actually see different concepts. 

Out of our two showrooms, this is our flagship showroom, accounting for 65% of all sales from January to September 18. Due to the success of the showroom we have expanded our team, employing 3 more hot tub & swim spa installers. 

Imagine a showroom where you can walk all the way around every single spa or swim spa, a showroom fitted with drains inside for easy emptying, electrical connections next to every spa, a changing room complete with showers for wet tests, and a service bay for relocation or pre-loved spas. We used to imagine this, until last year when we found a disused warehouse in need of some renovations, some love and some hot tubs! 

Now, we have a display of 13 quality American manufactured spas and 2 swim spas. Our visitors can walk all the way around our models to feel the quality, turn on the jets and watch the affect of controls such as diverters and air controls. If anyone wants to ‘dip their toe’ they are more than welcome to make an appointment outside of our normal trading hours to ‘wet test’ a few spas before making a final choice. 

For some of our customers a hot tub or swim spa is the centre piece in a landscaping project. As a base to bubbles company, and approved Trex composite decking installers, our new showroom doesn’t just stop at the spas. On the mezzanine floor we have another show area that we like to call our ‘reality showroom’. This 266m² showroom gives our visitors a little bit of ‘inSPAration’, fitted with a thick, artificial luscious green grass this takes peoples miles away from our warehouse showroom. We have a 6 seater American manufactured spa fitted with a Trex composite decking surround complimented by flush cool white LED’s. This ‘reality showroom’ allows us to totally immerse people into how a spa or swim spa could look in their garden. At North Spas, we enjoy a beer or 10 so we have recently branched out into fully working garden bars which are also on display. The garden bars and kegerators have proved to be a huge hit with new and existing customers. 

We make wet testing our hot tubs an experience to remember in the showroom. We encourage customers to try 3 or even 4 hot tubs, by appointment, outside of our trading hours. We supply towels, bathrobes, slippers and cold soft drinks. On arrival, the customer is given a demonstration of how to operate the hot tubs, and then shown the changing areas. They are able to access the spas directly from the changing area, without passing through our reception area which gives them total privacy. Following the wet test, customers have the opportunity to ask any further questions regarding the spa. 

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