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December, 2018

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

Superior Spas

Superior Spas

Visitors: Approx 60 per month

Inside displays include Platinum Spas, Superior Spas and Be Well Spas, Steam Showers, Whirlpool Baths and 1 Swim Spa.

We have various displays ranging from Platinum Spas - our entry level spas to the luxury Be Well Spas.

Our main Be Well Executive spa is operational in the centre of our showroom so our customers have to walk past it, which catches their eye. 
We also have 5 spas operational for customers to wet test.

Success of the showroom has been massive. We are based off one of Derby's main roads. We get constant footfall into the showroom and we always get fantastic feedback about how great the showroom looks.

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