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Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

Aqua Platinum Projects

Aqua Platinum Projects

Every member of the Aqua Platinum team is intrinsic to the company’s success with no specific emphasis placed on a single team or member of staff, as none could function without the other. Working together is a fundamental part to our successful business. APP now has a team 36 strong having employed a further 4 site engineers, an additional CAD specialist, a design manager and an account assistant.

APP invests in education for our swimming pool design team, visiting projects, suppliers and contractors in the UK and abroad to increase significantly the knowledge of the team and to enhance the design and build process with new ideas and groundbreaking techniques.

Aqua Platinum Projects focus is entirely on the super-prime or high-end residential sector, working largely in central London and surrounding counties of the M25. Working in these areas with our excellent industry reputation we attract a variety of clients ranging from large-scale developers including Berkeley Homes and Candy and Candy, to individual end-user clients.

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